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Chris Bacorn and Stephanie Shearer


A Recognized Retail Couple in Denver

When you ask Denver shopkeepers Stephanie Shearer and Chris Bacorn about their stores and their infuence on other Denver entrepreneurs, they  immediately start talking about their customers.

“You know what I celebrate? I celebrate how much Aaron- a teenageaficionado who passed from bone cancer - loved our stores and how much we loved him and his family," states Shearer. "Or Kyle, who came straight from the hospital the first day he was able to stand (after being in bad accident that left him in a wheel chair), because he wanted to  actually walk through the doors of Pandora."

"Man, our customers are SO much cooler than us,” adds Bacorn.

Shearer contnues, “Much to the chagrin of a plethora of business coaches - at the end of the day,  these extraordinay people and their moments are what I will remember about operating a small business- not the bottom line.”

Chris and his wife, Stephanie Shearer, were voted by Westword as “An Inner-City Booster Couple”, "Best Small-Business Empire and the winners of Best Urban Renewel (2010)  and Best Strip Mall (2011) . They have also recieved notable accolades from the Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN) with a Community Partner Award (2010) and  the Mayor's Urban Design Award (2014) for the EZE Mop Shopping District. The dynamic duo own and operate Soul Haus and Pandora on the Hill (formerly Pandora Jewelry) in Denver's historic Uptown on the Hill neighbrohood.


Pandora on the Hill has has its doors open since 1994.

Soul Haus opened in 1999 and both are now "haused" in the EZE MOP building in the historic Uptown Neighborhood along 17th Avenue.

Discover More About The Stores:

Contact Chris at Soul Haus: 303-830-SOUL

1. http://soulhaus.com/ 

2. http://pandoraonthehill.com/




Chris Bacorn


 How a “Sick and Twisted Mind” harbors a Head for Sales

Soul Haus sells cool sh*t

It’s almost unbelievable. Denver boutique bard and “Man-tique” raconteur Chris Bacorn is winding through another one of his amusing diatribes about growing up on Goth music and Texas barbeque -- when he suddenly ends his yarn with “I used to be so painfully shy, I couldn’t talk to anyone.”

Tell that to the three, well-dressed guys and gals who are laughing out loud, atop bar stools at the end of his cash wrap.

A ‘Bar’-tique That Offers Fashion, Gifts, Collectables and Man-tiques…

For more than 15 years, Chris has been offering up a stool  to Denver’s urban men and women, who are looking for cool, unusual merchandise at a shop where they’ll know your name.

“It is a boutique experience -- without all the pretense and fluff,” says Chris. “So many urban boutiques seem to almost pride themsleves on their frilly, silly and uber expensive stuff. We don't dictate style - we don't have to- Soul Haus customers know exactly who they are, and we like that just fine.




Stephanie Shearer



Philosophical Punk Rock Yin to Corporate Retail’s Typical Yang

Pandora is your one-stop sparkle shop for gifts on the go.

Stephanie Shearer prefers that her superstar staff, dedicated customers and irresistible gifts take center stage when discussing what has lead to the success of her stores Pandora on the Hill (formerly Pandora Jewelry) and Soul Haus.

Always the perennial punkrocker at heart, Stephanie likens her business approach and style to the unlikely combination of a DIY mentality, extensive world travels and the accidental accrual of 20+ years of retail experience.

Not as punk as her limited run in a 80’s girl band? Think again.

 “I had a great retail mentor at one of my corporate retail jobs, who told me that no one ever announces ‘when I grow up - I want to be a retail manager’ ” says Stephanie. "Yet there are a few tortured souls out here who find the retail environment challenging, empowering and completely full of rock n roll creativity.”

She Preaches the Doctrine of Quintessential Do-It-Yourself, Girl-Power style

From merchandising the irresistible gifts on dry-brushed garden gates hanging on the wall, to snaking the backroom toilet-- Stephanie has learned every task necessitated in operating a boutique from the plumbing up. She prides herself in developing a sales team to the 'Way of Pandora', as well as helping more than a dozen former staffers in opening their own rockin’ businesses. The personal 'Shopper of Presents for the Particular,' Stephanie believes in helping her customers find exactly what they want – as she would want them to never settle for less.


Contact Stephanie at Pandora on the Hill at PandoraontheHill@gmail.com or 303-832-7073.





Stephanie Shearer and Her Mother/ Business Partner Carol Tervo




crave-denver-book-cover.jpgWhat tip would you give women
who are starting a business?
Trademark your name, trademark it now.

What is your favorite part about
owning a business?
We like that our business has been a
vessel of support that allows us to reach
out to our community, its organizations
and the people around us who we value.

What motivates you on a daily basis?
We try hard to surpass our own convictions
and, perhaps rather unfortunately for us, we
have very high standards and expectations.

What place inspires you and why?
India. We found a profound meaning
to our existence there, our place in our
and reason to always have
an open heart. Lessons learned from  wading
through flooded streets and mazes of holy cows-
we learned to always live in your truth.




Soul Haus, Peppermint and Pandora on the Hill - say it IS easy being Green




Soul Haus, Peppermint and Pandora on the Hill are some of the first Denver retail stores to achieve certification through a new program called Certified Green Denver.

The program, which is housed within the Department of Environmental Health, addresses: energy, water, waste, transportation and overall environmental business management. 

By utilizing green and environmentally-friendly practices like post-consumer recycled paper bags, soy ink- printed tissue paper, LED lighting, water conservation strategies, local sourcing and more; Soul Haus, Peppermint and Pandora on the Hill are committed to helping to offset their carbon foot print.

In 2014, Stephanie Shearer was presented an achievement award by Certifiably Green Denver and the Uptown on the Hill neighborhood, for her personal commitment to the green movement in the Uptown neighborhood .