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Pandora: To charm or not to charm?


Do you sell Pandora Jewelry? Do you sell charms? Are you a Pandora store?

We are not affiliated with the company Pandora Jewelry or its Pandora stores, and we do not carry the line Pandora Jewelry.

We are a locally-owned, family operated business that has been open in Denver since 1994, and we would be thrilled to sell you a traditional silver charm for a traditional charm bracelet. We do not sell anything that looks like or even fits on a Pandora bracelet; however, if you call us we would be happy to recommend some local businesses that do carry the line.


Didn't your name used to be Pandora Jewelry? Did you get in trouble with Pandora Jewelry? Did Pandora Jewelry sue you? Are you trying to represent yourself as an international manufacturer of charms?

Nope. We are a locally-owned, family operated business that has been open since 1994. Although our name used to be similar/ the same as the international manufacturer Pandora Jewelry, we have no affiliation with that company.

We have a happy agreement with that company and do our very best not to confuse customers as to who is who. If you are looking for a store that sells the line Pandora Jewelry, call us and we will happily send you to businesses that offer their line.


But I liked the old name. What about the staff I love? Is everything going to change? Are you going out of business?

No way. What on earth would we do if we weren't hanging out with you? Nothing but the name (logo and sign) has changed at your beloved neighborhood-owned and operated store. The guys and gals are all still here, we still carry the same affordable gifts and jewelry that we are known for -- as a matter of fact, we are expanding our selection of locally made jewelry lines!

Gift cards  are available in any denomination and never expire.

We have taken the opportunity to spruce up a few things, add a layer of paint here and there and freshen ourselves up a bit -- and we just know you will love our new spiffed-up digs in Uptown!


Ok? So honest...We don't hate them and they don't hate us and the world is still round just like it all should be :) But if you still have concerns or any questions, please do contact us---we'd love it when people send us a howdy-do :)

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