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Green is good for you and the planet

Pandora on the Hill is committed to living and working in a ecologically -friendly neighborhood and city.

100% Recycled Shopping Bags

Our recycled paper shopping bags in natural kraft are made with 100% recyclable materials for green packaging. The bags contain 95% Post Consumer Recycled Paper to create great looking bags using half the trees! Made in the USA.  

100% Recycled Kraft Gift Boxes
Our Gift Boxes are in natural kraft and are made from 100% recycled materials with 80% post consumer material. Also Made in the USA.

90% Recycled Kraft Tissue Paper
Our custom tissue paper has a neutral PH which resists tarnishing silver and other metals. It is made from 90% recycled fibers and is also made in the USA.

100% In-House Recycling

 We re-use or recycle all shipping and packaging and inhouse materials including trash and electronic equipment.

 Eco-Friendly Lighting and Electricity

Look up- we are consistently updating our light bulbs and electric usage to the most current eco-friendly standards.

 Eco-Friendly Products

Pandora on the Hill is always looking for the cutest Eco-Friendly products including recycled greeting cards, wrapping paper and journals. All of our bags are recycled or tree free, our candles all use lead-free wicks and most are petroleum free. We also take pride in our vast selection of locally made goods which is good for you AND for the earth. Look around for our green thumb cards marking our most earth-friendly products.

 Stepping Lightly and leaving a Gentle Thumbprint

We believe in supporting local business and using less petroleum in shipping by purchasing many products locally; from cleaning supplies and light bulbs to jewelry and gifts. We also support local environmental and animal charities as well as earth friendly-educational programs in our community. We are active in our efforts to step lightly and leave a green thumb print behind.