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Donation Requests

Thank you very much for your interest in Pandora on the Hill. Pandora on the Hill absolutely values our community and are committed to its well being. We donate  back into our community through a variety of resources and organizations.

Pandora on the Hill has loved and donated to the Denver-based no-kill animal shelter Max Fund for over a decade, we do an annual arts fundraiser for our community friends at the Chicano Humanity Arts Council (CHAC), we are supportive of community airwaves and the Open Media Foundation and also encourage people to learn about some dear friends  of ours that are very close to our heart at www.FreeWestMemphis3.org . Pandora on the Hill believes and supports women’s advocate organizations and we also chose a beneficiary for our Birthday Party every year which has included the Colorado Humane Society, Galapagos Islands, Colorado Adoption/ Haiti Orphanage Relief and the American Red Cross. Pandora on the Hill also donates a significant amount of items to area schools and children's non-profit organizations.

If you are interested in applying for a donation we will need a letter with information about the organization, fundraising goals, and the type of donation you are requesting from Pandora on the Hill. We will also need the number of your non-profit registration that you filed with the state, a copy of your non-profit license, and a telephone number or email for return contact.

Pandora on the Hill receives so many requests for donations that unfortunately we are not able to contribute to every request. We do appreciate your interest in the store and we will consider your request once you have provided the information above and contact you if we are able to donate. Due to the amount of requests we receive on a weekly basis, we sincerely apologize but we are not able to respond to every request. If we are unable to donate at the time of your request it does not mean that we do not value your organization, and we welcome you to request a donation again for your next event. Please note that the holidays are a particularly heavy donation request time.

Thank you again for your interest in Pandora on the Hill and please feel free to contact at the email below for any further information about our donation request procedures.


Stephanie Shearer