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Artisan Submissions


Thank you very much for your interest in Pandora on the Hill. Pandora on the Hill values our community and all of the creative, diverse and eclectic artisans that live here.  Pandora specializes in carrying unique, affordable gifts and jewelry and we have always carried a large selection of locally made awesome-ness, however;  we must stay within a specific price curve, as our customers would expect nothing less.

Please leave any catalogs, photos or samples at the store on any Monday and allow at least one week for us to take a look. Please make sure to include a contact email, any and all product information, pricing information, and most importantly- the wholesale price. Due to the volume of submissions, if the wholesale price is not included, the merchandise can not and will not be able to be considered. You can leave your work with any of the Pandora’s staff and they will make sure it gets to a buyer. The following Monday, your product/packet will be ready for you to pick up. If the buyers have any questions or need any information it will be included with your packet.

Alternativly, you can email your submission with photos and wholesale pricing or a website (such as an etsy store) and wholesale pricing to PandoraontheHill@gmail.com

Due to the amount of artisans interested in Pandora representing their products, the buyers are just not able to meet with every single vendor who wants to show us their stuff. We also never meet with coldcall vendors, local or otherwise as we are just too darn busy to do so.

Because we believe in supporting green products and sustainable practices, Pandora on the Hill does not now, nor has it ever carried anything made with animal products; including leather, feathers and fur.

Thank you again for your interest in Pandora on the Hill and please feel free to contact us via the email below to request further information about our store, its products or its buying procedures.

Stephanie Shearer